Text Transcript

Me: Hoi (unusual spelling) Persia, how r u (homophone/logograms)?

Persia: hewoooo im (no punctuation because of speed and the other person in the conversation understands) good how r u?

Me: Good thanks! how’s ur (abbreviation) yr (abbreviation)11 going?

Persia: pretty (no capital because the start of the sentence is already obvious) awesome so far hby (initialism) ?

Me: same except i feel so dumb in maths. It’s so DIFFICULT (capital letters to indicate raised voice)  😥 (emoticons)

Persia: :laughing faces: If you feel dumb how do you think I feel?? :laughing face:

Me: ur smarter than me so good probs :smilie face:


Me: It’s crazy aye! Last year they were like 1/4 = 25% and this year they’re making us answer 500 word questions!!!!!! not ok!

Persia: PREACHHHH :praying hands: It stinks like our teacher gives us 5 pages each night and it’s so boringggggg 

Me: Same!!!! we have 10 flipping booklets to do! :frustrated face:

Persia: Oml (Initialism) fun fun




Transcript 2

Sammy: yea we went to his office and there was like 12 of us

Zelda: really?

jaimee: what did you do though?

sammy: is was like, kinda like one person who did all the talking

libby: who was it?

Zelda: haha everyone else was just backing them up

sammy: yea it was ruby

jaimee: ruby burke?

sammy: yep, and everyone else in there like hmmm and she was like talking and making her wee points

Zelda: yea, do you reckon like they will actually change anything.

sammy: i don’t know, because he was like well… her classes got good grades, i was mmm cause they went to kip

Everyone: hahahahahaha

Zelda: riiiiiiight

sammy: i know.



“Oh fanks for answering geeza ya know wot I mean.”

“Gimmie that, where you been fool, makin us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and that.”

“Mr Door is well on the warpath with you bruv yea.”

“Cause of the bag and that?”

“Wot bag? Cause you missed the lesson you chief”

“Gimmie dat the bag wont a problem, Teggsy never mentioned it, he bottled it. Aye you comin over ma lata to play computa.”

“Na man, I’m at home now, I got bisness, I gotta run.”

“Wot bisness?”

“Bisness that mines it’s own. I’m out”

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