Gattaca Scene

1. Car, long shot (high) – electric car noise, worrying music
2. Vincent, mid shot (low) – car noise, speaking, music
3. Jerome w hand scraping, mid shot (level) – phone ringing, 
4. Vincent, mid shot (low)
5. Jerome on phone, mid shot (level)
6. Vincent, mid shot (low)
7. Jerome, close up (level)
8. Vincent, mid shot (low)
9. Jerome wheelchair, long shot (low)
10. Jerome stairs, mid shot (high)
11. Jerome, long shot (level)
12. Driving car, long shot (low)
13. Jerome, long shot (high)
14. Stairs Jerome, long shot (birds eye view)
15. Irene and Anton, two shot (level
16. Hand, close up (level)
17. Feet, close up (level)
18. Car, long shot (level)
19. Jerome stairs, long shot (level)
20. Back of car, long shot (level)
21. Hand, close up (low)
22. Stairs, point of view (level)
23. Car, long shot (level)
24. Stairs, long shot (low)
25. Car park, long shot (high)
26. Stairs, long shot (low)
27. Eyes, close up (low)
28. Doorbell, two shot (level)
29. Top of stairs, mid shot (level)
30. Doorbell, two shot (level)
31. Button, close up (level)
32. Doorbell, two shot (level)
33. Button, close up (level)
34. Jerome lying down, long shot (high)
35. Irene and Anton, Two shot (level)
36. Lying down, long shot (high)
37. Jerome sitting, mid shot (level)
38. Anton entering, long shot (over the shoulder) 
39. Irene, mid shot (level)
40. Jerome, mid shot (level)
41. Anton, close up (level)
42. Irene, mid shot (level)
43. Telescope, long shot (level)
44. Jerome and Irene, two shot (level)
45. Anton, mid shot (level)
46. Jerome and Irene, two shot (level)
47. Anton, long shot (over the shoulder)
48. Irene, close up (level)
49. Anton, close up (level)
50. Jerome, close up (level)
51. Irene, close up (level)
52. Anton with syringe, mid shot (over the shoulder)
53. Arm syringe, close up (high)

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