Transcript 2

Sammy: yea we went to his office and there was like 12 of us

Zelda: really?

jaimee: what did you do though?

sammy: is was like, kinda like one person who did all the talking

libby: who was it?

Zelda: haha everyone else was just backing them up

sammy: yea it was ruby

jaimee: ruby burke?

sammy: yep, and everyone else in there like hmmm and she was like talking and making her wee points

Zelda: yea, do you reckon like they will actually change anything.

sammy: i don’t know, because he was like well… her classes got good grades, i was mmm cause they went to kip

Everyone: hahahahahaha

Zelda: riiiiiiight

sammy: i know.

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